About us

In the Horn of Africa: Fohof exists to transform human and institutional capacity through effective capacity strengthening programs and training.  Fohof advances economic, good governance, development, re-construction, and human rights, through facilitating interaction between Governments, Civil Societies, International NGOs, Academia and grass-root groups and all stakeholder groups. The collaboration of all stakeholders will enhance and harmonise policy design and implementation processes.  Plus Fohof is a lead campaigner for total Somalia debt relief.

Fohof and their development partners and stakeholders will develop ways to build sustainable peace and democracy in the Horn of Africa and Somalia in Particular.

In the UK: Fohof creates programs that enhance social mobility through the establishment of  NetworkED Support Centre (NSC) based South West London. NSC will act as a catalyst entity that will strive to support disadvantaged and marginalised communities in London and the United Kingdom-wide.

NSC is a nationwide platform for supporting parents/carers/guardians of young people who are affected by the epidemic knife and violent crime.

NSC focuses on gang grooming/affiliation intervention programs as many experts from Law enforcement agencies and academia ascertain early intervention (before gang groom young people) is the key to minimise risk for young person’s involvement of crimes.

NSC also devises programs that will educate parents on how to detect when gang grooming is happening, how to deter young people, how to interact with the local authorities and law enforcement agencies when safeguarding issues are at play, etc.

NSC also supports bereaved families who are affected by knife and violent crime.