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After nearly two years of COVID-19 disruption, we are back to normal. 

NetworkED Support Centre (NSC)

0203 0049 055 Hotline

This hotline is now operational office opening hours are

Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 05:00 pm

In the UK: NSC provides wide-ranging community service and advice including moral and material support to those bereaved families affected by knife crime. We also strive to provide second to none debt advice, Mental health and wellbeing projects, youth employability, Long term health condition employability, housing, access mainstream resources support, education and overall advocacy for reduction of poverty, marginalization, discrimination, etc.

NSC is a dedicated centre promoting disadvantaged community mobility campaigns, community positive attitude development, and most importantly early intervention programs that minimise the risk of young people joining gang groups.

For the past several years Fohof conducted focus group discussions, online surveys, conferences, informal community meetings, seminars, and interviews with parents of knife crime affected bereaved families, the result of all of which concluded the need for early prevention strategy to counter gangs grooming young people. NSC centre born to educate parents as to how to identify when this grooming process is taking place and then report to NSC centre.

Fohof launched NSC to advance exactly this cause, a parent/guardian/carer will report to the centre about his or her worries ie as soon as young person starts secondary school and is able to go to and from school by her/himself, there starts a period of few hours where that young person’s whereabouts is unknown to the parents and this is when gang grooming is actually happening.  From the first call by a worried parent to NSC  centre, the professional centre staff members will access the call and use colour coded call priority labeling system.

The trained professionals (including GDPR, Data Protection, and DBS checked) will then act upon according to the level of risk to the family and that specific young person. Here the centre staff will employ a series of procedures she/he gained during his/her training period. The centre staff will also be familiarised with statutory guidelines including that Local Authorities have a legal duty of care and safeguarding for the well-being of young people in their area.

NSC will follow up on the situation of the young person and the family until a viable solution is found and executed. The creation of NSC was consulted with The Ministry of Communities, Housing, and Local Governments, Met Police, Greater London Authority among the others.

Parent Support and training topics:

  • Understanding the younger generation ways of thinking
  • Social media influence trends and threats
  • Bridging the gap between the older and younger generation

Youth Services/programs

  • Linking young people with role model ( from their ethnicity)
  • Identity awareness and confidence-building programs
  • Recreational programs that will change their way of thinking and perceiving things around them
  • Sports, art, music and booth camp activities
  • Employability training (equipping them skills such as Computer networking Cisco systems etc)
  • Collaborate with local businesses to try out some of these young people
  • Work with Local Authority to devise a program that will give local business rate rebates for businesses that employ young people.

Other areas or issues we deal with

  • Housing
  • All sorts of benefit issues support including form filling and follow up 
  • Educational 
  • Debt problems 
  • Accessing mainstream resources
  • Mental Health
  • Counseling